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Thank you very much for signing in and welcome to The Organic Actor. You have just taken such an important step in your acting career and I sincerely appreciate you entrusting me with your passion.

Based upon my 31 years of casting experience, I developed my workshops and wrote my book specifically to address the many obstacles that I see on auditions that can be easily corrected.

TheOrganicActor.Com will become a safe space for you to visit, where you will get important information to help you overcome your fears and achieve your dreams. It is a place where you will get built up, not torn down. It’s where your important questions can find their answers.

“Helping you turn your passion for acting into a successful career” is my goal.

Consider this store your personal tool box with all the necessary items you need to make the most out of your acting career. These products will guide you on a path of self discovery and give you an edge over the competition. They were developed by industry professionals with YOU in mind. So take a look around, be sure to check out the collection links on the right hand side, and if you have any questions or feedback on any of the products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be adding new products all the time so be sure to check back often.

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